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On Burgundy

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On Burgundy
Producer Academie du Vin Library
Case Size 1
Product Code BOOK-28

The latest compendium from Académie du Vin Library, and probably the most anticipated so far. Edited by Susan Keevil, the anthology brings together Burgundy’s most celebrated authors and experts, whose insights here embrace the two grapes (Pinot Noir and Chardonnay), the two slopes (the Côte de Nuits and Côte de Beaune) and the hillsides that surround this region. They answer the questions everyone asks: Why do these wines taste as good as they do? Who makes them this way?

• Bottled Alive! How the best burgundies are still living, breathing and evolving when they reach our glass...

• What is a Burgundian? Jasper Morris MW reveals the true character of this far-from-saintly bunch...

• A Delicate Topic in Burgundy: the truth about Burgundy’s historic frauds and fakes

• Can Good Burgundy ever be for normal people? What chance is there for mere mortals when the A-listers and plutocrats snap up the best?

• Climate Change: Will Burgundy see our children into the future?

• Saints Preserve Us! The revolutionary growers who led Burgundy out of its medieval slump...

• Of Montrachet and Moon Phases: the way biodynamics has shaped Burgundy’s modern wines

• Wine Into Words: Burgundy’s most beautiful, evocative descriptions from the hands of the master scribes

• Contributions from Allen Meadows (aka Burghound), Jasper Morris MW, Douglas Barzelay, Eric Asimov, Jay McInerney, Aubert de Villaine, Gerald Asher, Tim Atkin MW, John Atkinson MW, Raymond Blake, Stephen Brook, Jeannie Cho Lee MW, Elaine Chukan Brown, Clive Coates MW, Randall Grahm, Anthony Hanson MW, Natasha Hughes MW, Daniel Johnnes, William Kelley, Don and Petie Kladstrup, Matt Kramer, Anne Krebiehl MW, Simon Loftus, Kermit Lynch, Jane MacQuitty, Alex Maltman and Sarah Marsh MW

"This book adds another tasty morsel to the Burgundian feast." Jasper Morris MW

"It should appeal to all wine lovers, the Burgundy enthusiasts of course, but also those who wish to discover this intriguing region. From novice to expert, there is something for everyone. Each page contains a fact, an idea or an image to taste and meditate on." Aubert de Villaine

On Burgundy

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