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Oeuf de Beaune is an artisanal concrete wine tank manufacturer that was established by Virginie Fournier and Marc Nomblot in Burgundy in 2016. The team's unapparelled experience with concrete and long-time connection with many greats of the wine world mean there was a very precise vision for the type of concrete vessels they would produce. Oeuf de Beaune's beautiful Ovoides are a completely unique combination of technological expertise, historical understanding of the wine industry and meticulous workmanship that place them among the best in their field.

As the name suggests, Oeuf de Beaune specialises in egg-shaped concrete wine vessels. The eggs are manufactured in France by a small team of specialists from only four pure ingredients: unchlorinated spring water, natural clay-based cement, sand from the Loire River and Burgundy gravel. These are mixed and moulded without a single chemical or metallic addition. A key point of difference: the mould is a completely seamless structure, which means the openings are not drilled or cut in, they are part of the shape—there's no transfer of chemicals, no unintended micro-leaks and only the pure ingredients as mentioned above. More information can be found on our most recent brochure here.


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