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About us

On the one hand, our role as a merchant of all things wine and spirits could not be simpler: since 2004 we have aimed to source the most delicious, most authentic, highest quality products possible from Australia and around the world; then offer these products to our clients with as much passion and information as possible.

Our artisanal producers work their hides off to make the best possible wines and spirits. As a result, almost all of them are recognised as benchmarks and, in many cases, pioneers. It’s a great privilege to work with these makers and we feel a strong duty of care to represent their labels in our market with the same level of diligence and integrity that they bring to their craft.

At Bibendum, we have a remarkable community working within the organisation. The Bibendum Wine Co. sales team are all, without fail, wine people first and foremost. They work with Bibendum because they love the wine trade, and we believe their experience, knowledge and enthusiasm is one of our greatest assets. The same can be said of our Bibendum Bar team in relation to spirits and the bar trade. In fact, across all areas of the business, from sales and customer service through to communication, technology and logistics, our experienced and skilled team enable us to strive for the highest possible standards. This in turn allows us to honour the hard work of our growers and producers, as well as repaying the loyalty and support of our customers, who we view as true partners in the Bibendum project.

In everything we do, we ask this simple question: does this help us serve our producers or our clients better? If the answer is yes, then we do not hesitate. This is what drives us every day.

Rob Walters and the team at Bibendum Wine & Spirits