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To give you a recap, it had been too long between drinks and seeing industry friends. To make up for lost time and to celebrate the close of harvest 2022, we gathered the lion’s share of our Australian producers for that rarest of events: an in-person wine tasting in Sydney and Melbourne. All principals there in the flesh, pouring their current releases alongside brand-new wines. All in, there were over 100 wines to taste. The Bibendum Bar Cocktail Hour began at 3pm ,serving up delicious drinks designed by us and made by some hospitality legends. We had super spread of food supplied by Burn City Smokers in Melbourne and The Dolphin Hotel gave us fresh pizza by the slice to keep the crowds sustained. 

We also held a unique masterclass themed ‘Evolution’, bringing together some of our Australian growers to present an example of their evolution, explored through the prism of two wines. This was interpreted in many ways—the evolution of a region, vineyard, winemaking, viticultural practices, and more. This was an enlightening masterclass that included some rare bottles selected from the producers’ museum stocks. 

We’d like to thank our producers, staff, venue partners and customers, who made both events wonderful days.