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Established in 2022. Ex Vinum is the new publishing and distribution arm of Bibendum Wine Co. Ex Vinum has already kicked off its direct-to-trade distribution (to the wine and spirits trade), securing the Australian distribution of Jasper Morris’ essential work on Inside Burgundy, Noble Rot magazine and Wine from Another Galaxy book, as well as Jane Anson’s meticulously researched Inside Bordeaux, the sister work to Inside Burgundy. In April this year, Ex Vinum released the first volume of the new English translation of Simonit &Sirch’s ground-breaking pruning guide, Guyot Methodology.

In September this year, Ex Vinum will self-publish the first book under the ‘Ex Vinum Imprint’, an annotated translation of a historically important French text by René Lafon: Changes to be Made to Vine Pruning. Beyond this, we will endeavour to provide access to publications of historical significance and subjects of viticultural and winemaking importance (achieved through translating established works and securing distribution from specialist printers overseas). 

Illustrated by Daniel Mitsui. the Ex Vinum logo takes its inspiration from the Ex Libris style of book-plate, commonly styled until the early 20th century to indicate ownership and often printed, stamped, or labelled on the inside front or back cover of a book.

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