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Christmas 2022

With over 500 products available, we've collected all our seasonal selections and suggest a few categories below to help you get started online.

Stocking Fillers

From miniature bottles and sample packs, through hip-flasks, cocktails and half bottles, here’s everything just the size to squeeze into a stocking. Our range of fortified and sweet wines includes a selection of excellent Sherries from two benchmark producers, and an exquisite new Barsac from Château Closiot—a perfect foil for the Christmas cheeseboard.

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From Animus Distillery’s drinkable baubles through to Christmas-Edition Single Malt and the liquid treasures of Cognac, this selection of gift-ready items will delight wine-lovers, hosts and spirits connoisseurs alike.

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Magnums and More

There’s an old saying attributed to Winston Churchill: “A magnum is the perfect size for two gentlemen over lunch, especially if one isn’t drinking.” Times have changed, yet in qualitative terms, there’s a good reason why Burgundy wunderkind Benjamin Leroux refers to 750ml bottles as “half bottles”.

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These producers only use fruit from their own vineyards, where they control the whole process. This leads to distinctly individual wines that reflect their tiny origins. They are often organically grown, which is great, not only for the vineyard environment, but also for the intensity and natural development of flavour.

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